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Syngonium or Arrowhead plant is a medium-sized bushy plant that has beautifully coloured green and yellow leaves with pink veins. It is very easy to grow and is quite tolerate of different lighting conditions. 


  • This Syngonium plant comes in an 8cm biodegradable pot, which is stable and can be left as is or planted into another pot - the choice is yours.


  • We recommend matching with one of our other plant pots. You can also check out our other indoor plants here. 


  • You will receive a Syngonium plant similar to the one pictured. 

Care Instructions

🪴 General care: Easy

  • Syngonium Podophyllum, Arrowhead plant or Arrowhead vine, is a tropical plant which comes from the rainforests of Central and South America. Syngonium is generally a medium-sized bushy plant but can also come in vining forms which grow a lot bigger. 


  • There are many different varieties of Syngonium plants available, all with unique and vibrant coloured leaves 


  • Syngonium is a great plant for beginners as it is so easy to care for. It is very versatile in terms of light requirements and can handle the occasional missed watering. Also, it can grow happily without any added fertiliser or humidity as well as Syngonium being simple to propagate.


💦 Water: Moderate

  • Syngonium plants require an average amount of water - not too dry but not too wet, somewhere in between. 


  • Let the soil partially dry between waterings and water depending on the temperature, more in hotter weather and during active growth.



☀️ Light: Moderate

  • Syngonium is very tolerant to different lighting conditions, especially low light, it can happily grow in a dark corner that other indoor plants might struggle with, albeit a little slower. 


  • For the best growth, in particular, for the more colourful varieties, we recommend bright indirect light. However, make sure that Syngonium doesn’t receive any direct light as this can burn the delicate leaves. 


  • A good tip is to rotate the plant regularly to ensure an even shape.


🌱 Growth: Medium sized bushy plant

  • Syngonium grows into a medium sized bushy plant with medium to large leaves. 


  •  They will grow in standard home humidity. 


✂️ Maintenance: Low

  • Some types of Syngonium can grow relatively fast and can require regular pruning to maintain size and shape, especially the vining varieties. 


  • Maintenance is simple, just remove spent dead leaves and trim any extended or overhanging stems with clean plant scissors. 


  • Repotting can be done depending on the growth rate and size of the plant but doesnt need to be repotted more than once per year.


For more details read our full Syngonium Care Guide here. Also if you want to learn more about Syngonium we recommend this blog post

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