LED Grow Lights

Discover our range of energy efficient LED Grow Lights available to purchase today online in New Zealand. 💡

We have a variety of options available including 2 or 3 heads as well as red, blue, and white lights.

Give your plants that extra boost they need today!

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5 products


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Plant Grow Lights

Our range of Grow Lights are suitable for all your lighting needs. Simply, find a suitable spot and plug it in - it's that easy!

Play around with the various settings to create a customised atmosphere for all your plants. They are enery efficient to save you money at the same time as looking awesome. Shop our collection now!


We aim to reduce our impact on the environment. All the packaging our LED Grow Lights come in are 100% eco-friendly.


A carefully selected range of Grow Lights as well as plant pots and sustainably grown indoor plants.


All our Grow Lights are carefully packaged and tracked to ensure they arrive quickly and safely.


Read our basic care and propagation tips for indoor plants. Find out more in our Instagram and blog.