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Hoya Carnosa

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This Hoya Carnosa plant is a easy to care for and attractive addition to any home or office. Featuring distinctive heart shaped leaves with a wax-like shimmer, this vining plant can thrive in bright, indirect light and low humidity. Buy this beautiful hoya carnosa today!


  • This Hoya Carnosa plant comes in an 8cm biodegradable pot which is stable and can be left as is or planted into another pot - the choice is yours!



  • You will receive a Hoya Carnosa similar to the one pictured.

Care Instructions

🪴 General care: Easy

  • Hoya Carnosa is a relatively easy houseplant to grow and is suitable for both beginners and experts. 


  • It requires indirect light but can be happy in dark corners too, a low to moderate amount of water, standard temperature and humidity but warmer temps result in faster growth, occasional fertilising and regular maintenance. 


  • Because of its simple care and vining habit, the Hoya is an attractive plant for many.


💦 Water: Infrequent

  • Keep the soil of Hoya Carnosa slightly dry most of the time but not too dry. Let the soil dry out completely between waterings. 


  • It has relatively fleshy waxy leaves and stems which helps store and retain water so it can go without water for short periods of time. Too much water and the stems and roots can rot. You may notice mould growth on the soil or yellowing wilting leaves. Not enough water and the leaves also wilt and become shrivelled. 


  • You should water Hoya Carnosa 2-3 times per month in Summer. Less in cooler Winter months when the growth is slowed down and the requirement for water drops. 



☀️ Light: Moderate to low

  • For best growth and for maximum colour, variegation on the leaves and flower blooming, place your plant in an area which receives bright light most of the day such as opposite a North or West facing window. 


  • Because Hoya originally grows in the underground of the rainforest, it is just as happy in a darker area of the house; however, without enough light the vines will grow elongated and spindly while the leaves will be smaller, paler, and less variegated. 


  • Be careful of too much light which can burn and damage the leaves - noticeable as brown or yellow patches. Hoya will always do better in a darker rather than brighter location.


🌱 Growth: Fast-growing climbing vine

  • Hoya Carnosa grows moderate to fast, depending on light conditions and temperature. It grows much faster in Summer and the growth rate slows down in Winter. 


  • This plant prefers warmer areas and will grow much faster, but this is not necessary. However, you should protect them from very low temperatures and draughts.


  •  They will grow in standard home humidity. 


✂️ Maintenance: Low

  • This houseplant is low-maintenance. You may need to trim and train it depending on how you want your plant to look. 


  • Make sure to save any trimmings to use for propagation either in soil or water.  


For more details read our full Hoya care guide here. 

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