11 Tips to Grow Hoya Krimson Princess Plant

Hoya Krimson Princess Care


Hoya Krimson Princess, also commonly known as hoya carnosa, wax plant or porcelain flower, is a classic houseplant that is becoming increasingly popular due to its beauty. Originally from Central Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia, Hoya is a tropical plant which naturally grows in rainforests between, around, and up other plants. It is a flowering evergreen vining plant which produces long stems that wrap around whatever it touches or grows and hangs downwards if it has nothing to climb. Hoya plants have thick glossy waxy leaves and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as producing a cluster of magnificent flowers in the right conditions. It is relatively easy to care for, and due to its spectacularity and uniqueness, Hoyas have found their way into our homes amongst our other indoor plants.


Hoya Krimson Princess is a specific variety of Hoya that has pinky red stems with medium-sized pointed leaves which are dark green on the edges and white on the inside. In this article, you will find a basic care guide for various parameters such as light, water, and temperature, how to propagate it, and some other interesting information and questions about Hoya Krimson Princess and Hoyas in general.


Hoya Krimson Princess Care Guide



Hoya Krimson Princess is a relatively easy houseplant to grow, although some varieties require more specialised care than others. It is suitable for both beginners and experts. It requires indirect light and can be happy in dark corners too, a low to moderate amount of water, standard temperature and humidity, but warmer temps result in faster growth, occasional fertilising and regular maintenance. Because of its simple care and vining habit, the Hoya Krimson Princess is an attractive plant for many.  


1. Light -

Hoya Krimson Princess requires bright indirect light to be happiest however, it is a bit versatile in that it can still grow in different levels of lighting, especially lower light areas. For best growth and for maximum colour, variegation on the leaves and flower blooming, place your plant in an area that receives bright light most of the day such as opposite a North or West facing window. 


Because Hoya originally grows in the underground of the rainforest, it is just as happy in a darker area of the house; however, without enough light, the vines will grow elongated and spindly while the leaves will be smaller, paler, and less variegated. Be careful of too much light which can burn and damage the leaves - noticeable as brown or yellow patches. Hoya will always do better in a darker rather than brighter location.


2. Temperature - 

Hoya Krimson Princess prefers warmer rather than cooler temperatures however it will be perfectly happy in both. Standard home temperatures are fine but Hoya will definitely grow much faster in warmer positions. It is however sensitive to frosts and very cold temperatures which can damage or kill the plant so make sure to protect them if that is a risk. Growth will be slower in Winter and use of a heat mat could be beneficial in very cold areas.


3. Humidity - 

Although Hoya Krimson Princess comes from a naturally warm, wet, humid environment it doesn’t actually require higher humidity to grow well. Misting your plant or increasing the humidity occasionally could be beneficial but not necessary as long as the watering is done correctly, standard home humidity will be fine for Hoya. One way to create humidity is by watering your plant in the shower and wetting the stems, leaves and soil at the same time. 


4. Water - 

Hoya Krimson Princess likes the soil to be kept slightly dry most of the time but not too dry - let the soil dry out completely between waterings. It has relatively fleshy waxy leaves and stems which helps store and retain water so it can go without water for short periods of time. Too much water and the stems and roots can rot - you may notice mould growth on the soil or yellowing wilting leaves. Not enough water and the leaves also wilt and become shrivelled. A soil moisture metre is the perfect tool to help measure when to water your plants. Hoya Krimson Princess should be watered 2-3 times per month in Summer and less in cooler Winter months when the growth is slowed down and its requirement for water drops.


5. Soil - 

Hoya Krimson Princess is quite versatile in terms of soil mix however a well-draining and aerated soil is very important for the health of the plant. You can either buy pre-made bags of soil or make your own mix with things such as potting mix, sphagnum moss and perlite.


6. Repotting - 

Although Hoya Krimson Princess can grow relatively quickly, you do not need to repot it often. In its natural habitat it often grows as an epiphyte on other trees or in small crevices without the need for much soil. It is not necessary to change the pot or soil and your plant can be just as happy left in the same pot for several years provided you take good care of it.


7. Fertiliser - 

Regular fertiliser keeps the leaves, roots, and growth healthy and colourful as well as ensuring . It is recommended to fertilise every month depending on the growth rate. Small plants in smaller pots don’t need as much fertiliser, same as in Winter when growth is lower. A combination of liquid and slow-release fertiliser will ensure a strong beautiful plant.


8. Maintenance - 

Due to its moderate growth rate and vining habit, it is recommended you regularly maintain your Hoya Krimson Princess plant to keep it looking and growing healthily. Hoyas can either be grown in hanging plant pots or more commonly upwards on a frame or structure which is the best way to showcase the beautiful leaves and stems. Maintenance involves removing old dead or browned leaves (usually from the base) as well as pruning off stems to encourage new growth or to form a certain shape. It is important to think about the shape you want and start training your plant early while the stems are still flexible. Pruning can be used to make a fuller, more compact plant and the off cuts are perfect for propagation, but be careful not to prune too much of the old growth off as this is where the flowers form.



Hoya Krimson Princess is a relatively easy plant to propagate. Its ability to propagate quickly and ease comes from how it has adapted to living in the rainforest. There are three methods for propagation which are both extremely easy and usually have very high success rates.


9. Cuttings in soil - 

Simply place Hoya Krimson Princess cuttings in a pot full of soil. Keep moist and humid and roots will start to grow shortly. Sometimes it can take a while to get started but will grow quickly once it has. Once the roots are established you can transplant them into larger pots or separate them out into multiple pots.


10. Cuttings in water - 

This is the easiest way to propagate Hoya Krimson Princess: simply place cuttings in a jar of clean water and leave in a warm bright area. Keep the water topped up and change for fresh water each week. Roots will grow quickly and can be transferred to soil once they are big enough. This is sometimes a preferred method for some as you can see the root progress.


hoya krimson princess propagation


9. Layering in soil - 

This is when you place a stem (which is still attached to the plant as opposed to a cutting) in a pot on soil. The stems will grow roots into the soil and once established you can cut it off from the mother plant and have a new separate hoya. This sometimes has a higher success rate as the ‘cutting’ receives nutrients from the mother plant until it is cut.



Yes, it can be grown outdoors in some sheltered or shaded areas such as patios, decks, and outdoor gardens as long as they don’t receive too much direct light and the temperature doesn't drop too low.

Hoya has a moderate growth rate, which increases in warm humid environments.

This happens when there is not enough light. To have the most variegation and best colours make sure your plant is receiving enough light.

Definitely, this is a relatively easy plant you can own and is perfect for a beginner who is not too sure about plant care. Perfect for practising your propagation and watering skills. Even though it is common and easy to care for, it is also one of the most striking.

There are many many different types of Hoya all with differing colours, leaf shapes, growth habits and flowers. Despite this, all Hoya have similar requirements for care.

Yes, Hoya Krimson Princess has flowers just like other hoya. Clusters of 15-30 flowers form off little stem shoots creating a beautiful ball of colour. Correct watering, adequate light and fertiliser and age of the plant are important factors to ensure flowering occurs.


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