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String of Pearls Plant

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String of Pearls plant is a succulent-like trailing vine with green swollen ball-shaped leaves which are full of water. Easy to grow and perfect as a hanging plant, although it is sensitive to too much water, well-draining soil is essential.


  • String of Pearls plant comes in a 16cm nursery pot with an attached saucer. 



  • You will receive a plant similar to the one pictured. 


Care Instructions

🪴 General care: Easy

  • String of Pearls Plant is very easy to care for. Being very adaptable to light and tolerance for no water makes it one of the great indoor plants for beginners. Bright light and infrequent waterings are key for a healthy plant. 


  • Another benefit is that the String of Pearls Plant doesn’t need a big pot or to be repotted often due to the small root structure - easy!


💦 Water: Infrequent

  • Because it is a succulent-like plant that has adapted to dry conditions, String of Pearls Plant does not require frequent waterings. Swollen leaves in the stems retain a lot of water and nutrients. So make sure to let the soil dry out completely before watering again. 


  • In Summer, if it’s hot and getting a lot of light it will need watering more often. Once a week depending on the size of the plant and pot. While, in Winter, the growth is slow and the temperature drops so water sparingly, once every fortnight. 


  • Also, make sure the soil is well draining because String of Pearls Plant is prone to rotting, so if in doubt, leave it for another week. It's very hard to kill from not enough water. 


  • The best way to water String of Pearls Plant is from the bottom. Place the pot in a tray of water and wait an hour or so for the plant to soak. 


☀️ Light: Moderate

  • Being able to grow in both dark and light conditions makes String of Pearls Plant very versatile in terms of light requirements. For best growth however, a String of Pearls Plant likes bright indirect light. Some direct light in the morning is okay. 


  • Bright indirect sunlight will encourage faster growth and healthier colourful leaves. Whereas, not enough sun and the leaves and stems become pale. Too much sun and the leaves can burn and turn brown. 


🌱 Growth: Slow-growing vine

  • String of Pearls Plant grows slow to moderate, depending on light conditions and temperature. It grows much faster in Summer and the growth rate slows down in Winter. 


  • This plant prefers warmer areas but this is not necessary. However, you should protect them from very low temperatures and draughts.


  •  You don't need special requirements for humidity, they will grow in standard home humidity. 


✂️ Maintenance: Low

  • We love String of Pearls Plant because it is low-maintenance.


  • Make sure to save any trimmings as they can be used for propagation either in soil or water.  


For more details read our full String of Pearls Plant Care Guide here.

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