Top 8 'Unkillable' Houseplants

Top 8 'Unkillable' Houseplants


Beginners and experts alike will have struggled with at least one plant to keep it alive, whether it’s lack of experience or just a fussy plant here are the top 5 ‘unkillable’ plants which look great too. These houseplants share certain characteristics such as drought and low light tolerance, doesn’t require any special conditions such as temperature or humidity, and can thrive in a range of conditions, which makes them ‘unkillable’.


#1 Snake Plant    

The snake plant is the king of ‘unkillable’ plants, thriving on neglect. Originating in West Africa, snake plants can survive for long periods without any water, much light or attention. Its long thick and variegated leaves makes a striking statement in any home.


#2 Cast Iron Plant    

Like the snake plant, cast iron plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and go for very long periods without any water - truly ‘unkillable’ plants. It has beautiful green palm-like leaves which form a small bush and looks great alone or amongst other indoor plants.   


#3 Golden Pothos    

A very common and classic houseplant which you may not know is also ‘unkillable’. Golden Pothos is one of the easiest plants to grow, especially because of its ability to thrive in both low and bright lighting. Although not as drought tolerant as the previous two, it can tolerate a missed watering and can also be grown in just a jar of water.


#4 ZZ Plant

With little light, almost not water, and complete neglect, the ZZ plant will still be growing strong. Whether it’s a dark corner or in the spotlight ZZ plant is the perfect addition to your ‘unkillable’ plants collection.


#5 Jade Plant

Jade Plant is a type succulent originating from South Africa that can be grown both indoors and out. In addition to not needing much water, it can grow in a variety of different plant pots, big and small. An added bonus is that it produces a mass of pink and white flowers every year.


#6 Spider Plant

Spider plant is a bushy plant with long green leaves that can be grown both indoors and out. It has thick roots which can store lots of water and it can grow happily in rather small pots. Something special about this plant is that it has beautiful white flowers which eventually grow needs small plants that cascade over the pot. 


#7 Monstera

Arguably one of the most popular plants at the moment, monstera plant is a relatively hardy plant which can grow in a variety of conditions without needing much special attention. 


#8 Glacier Pothos 

Glacier Pothos is the last but not least ‘unkillable’ plant on this list. With similar conditions as the golden pothos, easy to grow and excellent for propagation. 



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