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Sustee Soil Moisture Meter

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Sick of killing your beloved houseplants? Save time and money with our new Sustee products all while keeping your plants fresh and healthy. The Sustee soil moisture meter is a small and sleek device which lets you know when it's time to water your plant - no more guesswork, watering is now easy as. Each product comes with instructions on the packet.    


How does it work?

Sustee soil moisture meter works by measuring the available water capacity of the soil and displays this as a colour change. Simply place the device into the soil between the marked arrows. Blue means there is sufficient water and white means it's time to water.



Small - 10mm x 8mm x 120mm, 4.3g  (recommended pot size: 6-9cm)

Medium - 10mm x 8mm x 180mm, 5.9g  (recommended pot size: 10-18cm)

Large - 10mm x 8mm x 255mm, 8.0g (recommended pot size: 18-36cm)