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Heart Trellis

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Transform your garden with our heart trellis. Give your plants the support they deserve with a sturdy structure for them to grow up and around. Perfect for climbing potted plants like hoya and pothos, our trellises enhance both the health and beauty of your garden. Shop now!

This trellis looks perfect with a chain of hearts plant grown around it. 


How does it work?

  • Simply place it device into the soil of your pot (be careful not to damage the leaves or roots while you do it).
  • Then, either leave the plant to grow up or use clips to attach the plant yourself



Size - 240mm x 350mm  (recommended pot size: 10-20cm)

Colour - Black

Material - Coated metal


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cindy Marsh
Amazed with the love

There’s nothing like getting a great plant equipment deal, but then it arrives and it’s wrapped so pretty and with such care that you just know you’ve purchased from another plant lover. Great quality, fast delivery. Everything was perfect.

I love it!

You guys should have more photos of this product. It arrived after 2 days and was very well packaged. Thanks for the card!