Plant pots nz

Welcome to our blog - thank you for being here. We are so excited about our first post. Here we will post anything from care guides to photography to how-to tutorials. 


After testing so many pots and learning how to grow beautiful healthy plants, we are finally ready to launch this project that we've been developing for over eight months.


To start this blog, we want to share some photographs of our indoor plants and plant pots that you can find in our online store to showcase how you can use them in your own home and garden.


Thank you so much for be-leaf in us!


Caleb & Mauricio


About Caleb Young

Caleb is the business director and co-founder of The Planted Pot. On this blog he shares his tips and tricks for growing and caring for a wide variety of plants, and hopes to inspire others to bring more plants into their lives and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer.