Top 5 Tips on How to Grow a Healthy Tradescantia

Tradescantia Albiflora Care


Tradescantia albiflora (albovittata) is a medium-sized houseplant that comes from South America. It has green and white striped leaves coming off fleshy stems which have a trailing habit. If left to grow the stems will grow downwards to create a hanging plant or it can be pruned to make a small bush-like plant. 


Tradescantia is one of the easiest plants

Tradescantia is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. It is able to survive in a variety of conditions and is very difficult to kill so is great for beginners. This plant is very resilient and will quickly bounce back from any neglect. 


Water tradescantia moderately

Tradescantia albo likes a moderate amount of water. Water once or twice per week, allowing soil to dry slightly between waterings. The leaves will shrivel and close up when it doesn’t get enough water. 


Tradescantia likes bright indirect light

Tradescantia albo likes mostly bright indirect lighting, with a small amount of direct light in the morning being okay. If it doesn’t receive enough light, the pattern and colours on the leaves will not be as vibrant. Too much light and the leaves will burn and become brown. You can achieve the perfect lighting levels with LED Grow Lights.


Normal temperature and humidity

Standard house temperatures and humidity will be fine. Although added humidity is not necessary, misting once per week will make your tradescantia albo thrive. 

Easiest plant to propagate

Tradescantia albo is extremely easy to propagate. Simply take a cutting approximately 5-7cm in length, remove the few bottom leaves, and place in either soil or water, such as in propagation stations. The cutting will start growing roots within a week. Once there are sufficient roots, it can be planted out into bigger plant pots



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