How to Grow a Healthy Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos Care


Golden pothos or Devil’s Ivy is an indoor plant that comes from South East Asia and the Solomon Islands. It has small to medium patterned heart-shaped leaves and a trailing or bushy habit. They grow moderately fast and are very easily cared for. Perfect for a beginner.  Be careful this plant can be toxic to pets and animals. 

Golden pothos general care 

Golden pothos can survive in a variety of conditions and are known to be hard to kill. For best results, pothos likes bright to medium indirect light and moderate water. Warm temperatures and humidity make the plant grow faster but are not necessary. 

How often to water golden pothos

Golden pothos requires a moderate amount of water. If you over water the roots have a tendency to rot so let the soil dry out between waterings. On average once per week depending on the size of the plant. Increase watering in summer. 

Bright indirect light is best

Golden pothos plants thrive in bright indirect light. They can also survive in low light areas but will be slower growing and can lose their variegation patterns on the leaves. If there is too much light or direct light the leaves can burn and damage the plant. LED Grow Lights can also ensure they receive the correct amount of light with even distribution. 

Standard temperature and humidity 

Standard home conditions are fine for golden pothos. Although they will grow better in warmer areas. They also enjoy humidity which can be created with a mister or tray of water. 

Can golden pothos grow in water

Yes, golden pothos are very easy to propagate in water. Simply take a cutting just below a node (the swollen part of the stem where a leaf comes off) and place either in soil or water. Clean glass jars or propagation stations are the perfect place to put the cuttings in. A warm and humid environment will also help root formation. Once the plant is big enough it can be repotted into a bigger plant pot - easy!


Types of pothos

Devil’s Ivy or Pothos comes in several different varieties. Golden pothos is the most common variety, it grows faster than other types and has a trailing habit with medium-sized green and yellow variegated leaves. Marble Queen is another popular variety, it is similar in size and shape as the golden variety but with green and white variegation. Neon pothos have larger fluorescent green/yellow leaves. Pothos glacier has a more vining habit with small heart-shaped white and green leaves and is much slower growing.



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