How to grow a healthy Philodendron

Philodendron plant


Philodendrons are large, ornamental and easy houseplants with long trailing vines and glossy, heart-shaped leaves. The philodendron is an evergreen perennial that comes from the aracea family. Originating from South America and grown for its beautiful leaves and easy care, philodendrons are common indoor plants in New Zealand and around the world. 

Philodendron general care  

Philodendrons can be grown in a variety of conditions, making them popular with beginners and experts alike. 

Moderate amount of water

Philodendrons require a moderate amount of water. Once per week and let dry between waterings. It is easy to see signs of over or under watering. The leaves may turn yellow or brownish, and the soil will be dry. Check for signs of overwatering by lifting a pot regularly to see if it is completely dry on top and bottom. The philodendron needs watering more in summer and less frequently during winter months. Once a month you can give your plant a thorough watering including leaves. 

Bright indirect lighting

Place philodendrons in a bright part of your house. They enjoy bright indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions. Philodendrons need plenty of light, but not direct sunlight or strong light. These plants are often grown under fluorescent lights, so they can be kept indoors all year round without burning them from too much light exposure. A great way to ensure your plant has equal and constant light is by using LED Grow Lights

Grows faster when warm and humid

Philodendrons grow faster in warmer temperatures and higher humidity but the average house conditions are fine. Sensitive to very low temperatures. Water when the topsoil dries and increase the amount in established plants.

Cuttings propagate easily in water and soil

Philodendrons are among the easiest house plants to propagate. Simply take a cutting from a healthy stem and place in water or soil and wait for the roots to grow. Warmth and humidity help root formation. 

Types of philodendron

There are many different varieties of philodendron under two main types, vines or non-climbing. Given enough space, vine philodendrons can reach metres in length. Common varieties include: heart leaf philodendron, philodendron brasil with dark green and light green/yellow variegated leaves, philodendron pink princess, philodendron xanadu, philodendron micans with velvety looking leaves, and silver or satin philodendron.



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