How to Care for Concrete Pots

How to Care for Concrete Pots


Now that you’ve got your beautiful new pot at home with you, here is some useful and interesting information about your pot and how to take care of it.



 1. Resilient and robust-

extremely resistant to breakage compared to other types of pots such as ceramic or terracotta. 

2. Longevity-

because of their resistance, they also last for a very long time.

3. Uniqueness-

every pot is completely unique at the same time as being creative.

4. Plant safe-

the combination of sealers and drainage holes makes these pots totally plant safe.

5. Versatile-

our pots look great for use in any room with any plant.



All our concrete pots are proudly handmade in New Zealand ourselves and because of this each pot is unique with slight variations in colouring, patterns, and bubble holes. We use locally sourced materials to create products with unique colours, styles and designs.



There is no maintenance required for our pots, to clean just wipe with a damp cloth. Each pot has a special coating to help control efflorescence and deter water penetration as well as a specially formulated concrete sealer to minimise surface water ingression, prevent algae growth, protect against UV and reduce stain risk.



Our plant pots can be used both indoors and out, however they have been designed mostly for indoor use. We recommend protecting them from rapid changes in temperature, too much direct sunlight, and constant watering or heavy rain. 


All packaging is 100% eco-friendly, either recyclable or compostable sp please remember to dispose of the packaging responsibly.



About Caleb Young

Caleb is the business director and co-founder of The Planted Pot. On this blog he shares his tips and tricks for growing and caring for a wide variety of plants, and hopes to inspire others to bring more plants into their lives and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer.